Организация показа

“Сефарад” доступен для приватного показа в храмах, школах, культурных заведениях и частных домах. Поделитесь этой историей со своей организацией. Заполните форму ниже, и мы свяжемся с вами.

Frequently asked questions

How do I host a private screening?

1. Complete the form on this page 2. We will send back a private screening agreement within 7 days 3. Order a Sefarad blu-ray disk on The disk can be shipped to most countries. 4. Please encourage the attendees to spread the story and the message through their Social Media Platforms and reviews on or iTunes

What is the cost of hosting a private screening?

If you're a non-profit and you're offering this screening with no cost to your viewers, then your only expense will be the purchase of a blu-ray disk copy of Sefarad, available on

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